Ursula Le Guin's The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas tells the story of a society of unimaginable wonder, whose citizens are fulfilled and happy and living lives of complete perfection. At a certain age, citizens are brought beneath the grand palace at the center of town to see a child kept in a dungeon in permanent misery. They're told the utopia of Omelas depends on the suffering of the child. Most decry the child's pain but continue with their lives. A rare few get up and leave the paradise of their home.

Omelas brings together the world's best developers with field-defining experts in defense and diplomacy to identify and analyze misuse of the world's most powerful communication tools. We began by applying the tech advertisers use to understand why people become loyal to brands to understand why people become loyal to terrorist groups. We've since expanded to propaganda of all kinds with a focus on Great Power competition.

From weekly companywide ethics questions to continuing education on philosophy, foreign policy, and more, we remain constantly aware of the ethical implications of our decisions. You'll never find content from random individuals who chose the wrong hashtag or keyword in their content in our database. We're concerned with the actions of overt state and nonstate actors and every entity in our database has been verified, with citation, by a subject matter expert. Our staff combines extensive experience in data science, serverless architecture, and data engineering, work in dozens of countries, and fluency in a dozen languages to deliver the most comprehensive technology for malicious influence on the web.

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